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The ball valve belongs to the modern type of shut-off valves, which eliminates the need for additional threaded connections. With the help of a ball valve, you can assemble all kinds of structures and units for the transportation of non-aggressive substances. The Brass faucet from

Waterpro is characterized by high and reliable tightness, and the compactness of the part allows it to be installed in “inconvenient” places. It also features an aluminum butterfly handle for easy handling and minimal maintenance. In addition, the faucet is made of high quality LS-59 brass. The part is nickel-plated with a thickness of 3 microns.

The maximum working pressure is 110 °C and the minimum is 0 °C. The ball valve can withstand a pressure of 25 bar. Waterpro's online catalogs offer a wide variety of ball valves for a variety of purposes.

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