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 608 Ball valve MMA nickel
 608 Ball valve MMA nickel

608 Ball valve MMA nickel

Product Code: 608-KS-12N

Ball valve 1/2" MMA belongs to a modern type of shut-off valves, which allows you to do without additional threaded connections. With the help of a ball valve, you can assemble all kinds of structures and units for transporting non-aggressive substances.

Technical documentation

The Brass valve from Waterpro has a high and reliable tightness, and the compactness of the part makes it possible to install it in "inconvenient" places. The 1/2" ball valve model has an aluminum butterfly handle, which provides convenient control and minimum turnaround time. In addition, the 1/2" MMA valve is made of high-quality LS-59 brass. The part has a nickel-plated coating of 3 microns.

The maximum temperature is 110 °C, and the minimum is 0 °C. The 1/2" MMA ball valve can withstand a pressure of 25 bar. Waterpro's online catalogs provide a wide range of ball valves for various purposes.

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608 Ball valve 1/2"MMА nickel